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Purchase Terms, Rates, and Fees


Change Order Fee: If a revision change is made, after the initial PO is placed a change order fee will be charged. This fee will be for the time and materials already spent on designing or manufacturing the item. Additionally, Rennscot will review the component to see if any of the changes made change the price of the item. If the price of the item changes a new quote will be produced and the customer can decide to issue an updated PO or cancel the PO. Change Orders must be documented in order for them to be recognized.

Stop Work Order Fee: If a customer requests work to be stopped a Stop Work Order Fee will be charged. If the resource manufacturing this component is idle, a fee will be charged at the total resource rate for the number of hours the equipment sits idle due to the impact this has to our manufacturing schedule and the lost revenue we incur.

PO Cancelation Fee: If a PO or a line item on a PO is canceled, after the order confirmation is returned, a PO Cancelation Fee will be charged. This fee is for the time and materials already spent on this designing or manufacturing the item in addition to 25% of the PO or line items value including NRE.

Standard Hourly Rates

Industrial Designer I - $125

Industrial Designer II - $175

Engineer I (Design, Manufacturing, Additive) - $150

Engineer II (Design, Manufacturing, Additive) - $200

Engineer III (Design, Manufacturing, Additive) - $250

Technician/Operator/Inspector I - $100

Technician/Operator/Inspector II - $150

Technician/Operator/Inspector III - $200

Design and Manufacturing resources (machines, inspection equipment, ect.) - Rate varies based on equipment, please request a quote.

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