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While our core competencies are CNC machining and Additive Manufacturing, we also offer an array of "add-on" services to augment your team. We are proud to to support many customers with every step of the proverbial “cradle to grave” product life cycle, but also offer each service independently.


This stage is all about fact finding. We offer reverse engineering of the component you are looking to redesign, creating a CAD model of an existing physical component. Alternatively, we can capture reference geometry of the components or systems your new part will mate with, taking the guess work out of your design process. 

Tool: Faro Design Scan Arm

Software: Geomagic Wrap

Scan Overlay.jpg


Our in-house Industrial Design team has the experience to turn any idea into a well refined product. We have experience working with engineers and design teams, adding that creative touch to your parts or products.


Based on feedback, the best of the concepts is brought into CAD software and built digitally in 3 dimensions in alignment with both the reverse engineering findings, and constraints of the manufacturing medium.



That model is brought out of the digital realm and prototyped in the most cost-effective medium that will yield the needed information. This step is sometimes repeated before success is reached.


We feel that packaging is a crucial opportunity for our B2C clients to make their consumer experience feel well rounded and aligned with their brand identity.



In-house machining and 3D printing is the largest piece of the puzzle that makes Rennscot MFG stand out from other product development offerings. There is no opportunity for miscommunication between us and the factory,  because our machinists sit just feet away from the designers’ desks. During this phase we take your design and turn it into reality, managing everything from outside plating, assembly, and packaging.

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