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New GF Mikron 5-Axis Machine

Rennscot is proud to announce the addition of a lightly used GF Mikron Mill X 600 U with automation from High Performance Machinery.

The Mikron joins our Doosan DVF-5000 as an additional 5-axis machine on our shop floor. Made in Switzerland, the Mikron is a high quality, high productivity machine. This machine will allow us to decrease cycle times of many parts allowing for reduced lead times for our customers.

Machine Capabilities

  • High Speed: The 36,000 RPM spindle from Step-Tec allows for lightning fast machining as well as increased surface finishes.

  • High Dynamics: Linear drives allow for quick acceleration and high travel speeds. The X, Y, and Z rapid speeds are nearly 4000 inches per minute.

  • High Accuracy: The granite polymer casting alongside advanced thermal management contribute to the high level of accuracy this machine is capable of.

  • High Productivity: The 7 pallet workpiece changer, 220 pocket tool tower, Heidenhain TNC 530 controller, Blum laser tool setter, and Hexagon spindle probe allow for maximum uptime with minimal operator time; this translates to cost savings and decreased lead times for our customers.


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