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Rennscot MFG Expands Inspection Capabilities with FARO Quantum S Max Acquisition

Woburn, MA – Rennscot MFG, a leading provider of advanced manufacturing services, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a FARO Quantum S Max with FAROBlu xR laser line scanner. This strategic move is aimed at advancing their inspection capabilities, particularly in the inspection of complex geometries found in additively manufactured components.

“The purchase of this system is a testament to our dedication to innovation and precision in additive manufacturing. It enables us to meet the evolving needs of our customers with enhanced efficiency and quality assurance,” said Tommy Gentilucci. Vice President of Operations at Rennscot MFG.

The Faro Quantum S Max brings a new level of prevision to Rennscot MFG’s inspection processes. The system features a non-contact scanning accuracy of 34 µm, contact accuracy of 28 µm, max scan rate of 600 Hz, and 2.5-meter diameter working volume. The system integrates seamlessly with PolyWorks Inspect, a powerful measurement software for inspection which Rennscot MFG will utilize.

About FARO

FARO (NASDAQ: FARO) is a global technology company that provides cutting-edge measurement and imaging solutions for a wide range of industries. With a rich history spanning more than 40 years, FARO is renowned for its commitment to innovation and precision.

FARO specializes in delivering advanced 3D measurement and imaging solutions that empower businesses to enhance their efficiency, productivity, and quality. Their product portfolio includes state-of-the-art metrology equipment, 3D scanning technology, and software solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of industries such as manufacturing, construction, architecture, and forensics. For more information, visit

About Rennscot MFG

Rennscot MFG, founded in 2017, started as a motorsports-focused shop in the aftermarket automotive industry. Now, they are a leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions and prototyping located in Woburn, MA. Rennscot MFG strives to be more than just a machine shop; they solve problems in innovative ways, using a suite of integrated services to fuel a passion for ideation. With a focus on diversifying into commercial and critical technology sectors, Rennscot MFG delivers cutting-edge technologies and unwavering commitment to quality. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including reverse engineering, metal & polymer additive manufacturing, and precision machining to support various industries’ needs. For more information, visit


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