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From ideas to reality.

We specialize in innovative design and advanced manufacturing

The Rennscot Difference

We are fundamentally different than traditional CNC machined parts manufacturers.


Our team is youthful and innovative. Every operation within Rennscot is done in the most modern way possible. We are not set in our ways, but instead are building a company that strives to continuously improve its processes to provide the most value to our customers.


advanced CNC machines


advanced 3D printers

10,000 sq. ft.

design & manufacturing facility

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Our company develops and sells performance motorsports products. We are grateful to have Rennscot in our product development team's arsenal. It is clear from our experience that Rennscot's team knows how to think like their customers and how to deliver excellent, custom-tailored services like 3d Scanning and high-quality CNC machining. We have never had a project with Rennscot where the deliverable did not meet or exceed our needs and expectations, even when Rennscot had to work a little harder than expected to achieve the desired result. The team is also very courteous and knowledgeable. Rennscot is our go-to on 3d scanning projects, and they've saved our butt more than once on tight-lead-time CNC milled, turned, and 5-axis prototypes.

—  Russell Garehan, Founder, ACUiTY Instruments

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